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Hair Care

Glamwithluxe is committed to ensuring that ALL our customers is satisfied with their purchase. Our hair is 100% reusable and will last for months/up to years with proper care. So here we will help you learn how to care for our hair. (We highly recommend that you seek professional help from someone that is well experienced with hair if you run into any complications caring for your hair.)

Before Installation:
1. Please co-wash your hair before installing.
2. Let your hair air dry. (If you decide to blow dry, PLEASE use light heat protectant to avoid shedding or damage to the hair.)
3. Seal your wefts with fray check to prevent excessive shedding.

Other Important Recommendations
  • It's very important to take care of your hair extensions as you would your natural hair. 
  • When washing our hair, we highly recommend you use lukewarm warm water as you would with your natural hair to avoid any damages.
  •  Use paddle brush/wide tooth comb on dry and wet hair to avoid any snagging to the hair. (make sure the wide tooth comb isn't too wide, you want to make sure you get all the tangles and to comb evenly.)
  • When dying our hair, we highly suggest you seek help from a professional colorist/stylist. If you can't seek any help, please do your research about dying hair before you start the process.

Brush/Comb your hair from bottom up to prevent any damages. BE GENTLE 


- Use a spray bottle with warm water and conditioner to wet the hair.

- Use a paddle brush brushing direction from bottom to top.

- Squeeze dry with a cotton t-shirt (to avoid frizzy hair) let air dry.



- If you decide to turn your bundles into a wig, completely submerge the hair under water and condition using the paddle brush to comb through.

- Rinse, squeeze dry and hang up to air dry. Shake in the morning and it’s gorgeous!